Mothers are one of a kind. Single Women in Motherhood Training Program Inc. S.W.I.M is a non profit organization that offers hope, support, and guidance in order to achieve a safe and secure future for single mothers and their families. S.W.I.M believes that providing single mothers with the confidence and necessary skills to find their way through life will not only help single mothers but their whole family as well. Providing single mothers with essential services is the best way to ensure the health and happiness of each member of that family. Remember that a happy and healthy mother will raise happy and healthy children. Single mothers must do more for their families than just treading water in order to get by. Keeping their head above water can be a very challenging task for single mothers. They must learn to swim through life and surf its rough waves in order to reach a stable shore.We hope that you enjoy our website and that you will become a part of the Single Women In Motherhood Training Program family. Thank you for visiting!









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